self note.

Diy decorating new work space ✨💪

Hello friends, i will give my heart to all of you. you can download the larger file from my website
titled “digital love”

fell free to use it, print it or do anything you want with it. 🍻

have a great day!

Collaboration with my nephew

i’ve been so long not visiting home, honestly bit shocked and happy to see alot of drawing decorate in every corner. 

yesterday when i’m meet the artist, i try to do collaboration and buying chalk

and this is the result.

🎧 goodbye - apparat / ecoline & watercolour.

found this photo on home, this is my first time I did negative film. taken when I’m in collage with Nikon fm2

morning exercise

collecting stuff from bunch of talented friends.

Old style.

DIY Mail

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